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Euphoria Sounds presents to you The 24/6!

You could win 24 HOURS of studio time at Euphoria Sounds Studio!
We work with state-of-the-art music equipment.  Need a track made? We have in-house producers  [always] ready to go, but if you have your own producer/engineer, bring them with you so that you can create with someone familiar!! Need help writing a song? Say less, we have songwriters. Want to start your own podcast? Our recording space is fully equipped for the job. This experience is NOT just for rappers and singers! 
If you are an artist and in need of a studio- we got you covered.

The Percs Of The 24/6Th

1st Place: 24hrs of studio time (6hrs/wk) minimum or (12hrs/day) maximum until your time is up for that specific month. We will record your progress throughout the entire process!! We will record your progress throughout the entire experience and you will receive a promo video after everything is completed! 

  • 2nd Place: 4hrs of studio time (valid for 1mo)

  • 3rd Place: 2hrs of Studio Time (valid for 1mo)

        *just to note! ALL PARTICIPANTS RECEIVE 10% off their NEXT Studio Session!

So, what are you waiting for? Register here, at the

Euphoria Sounds Studio Instagram, or call us at (912)891-9459. For $25, you can have Euphoria Sounds Studio for an entire 24/6!!!

Who is this for? 

The Euphoric Experience is for anyone who has the passion to create, or for someone whom you believe has musical or creative talent. This is for the grandmother that believes her grandchild has what it takes to create that amazing song he or she sings at every holiday gathering. This is for the Pastor of the church that wants to create an audio series of his or her sermons so that it can be listened to by the congregation on every major platform. This is for the lip sync champion that is finally ready to make a song of their own. This is for the dancer that wants to create an amazing dance mix for his or her performance. Practically, The 24/6 is for anyone that is, or knows someone with musical or creative talent but does not have the know-how, time, or budget, to create their work of art. It's simply not just for the music artist, it is literally for anyone!!! 

How to enter to win

You will need to fill out the form requesting your name, phone number, email address, and submission of payment via Credit Card, PayPal, or Cash App. Your last name and the last 4 digits of your phone number will be your RAFFLE NUMBER! Please keep a note of your receipt. The Drawing will be pulled on the LAST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH at 12 PM Eastern Time. You will be notified by email and text message when YOU WIN The 24/6. 

In order to pay with cash app, go here: 


Here's Your Chance To Win The Experience!!

Thanks for submitting! You will receive confirmation by email or text within an hour!

Time Left Until The Drawing!!!

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