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We are accustom to create any cheer or dance mix possible here at Thorough Ent. We take PRIDE in paying attention to detail and making sure that our clients have exactly what they need in order to execute the perfect routine. All mixes are totally customizable and are mastered to the highest quality possible which results in crisp and clean voiceovers and deep heart pounding bass to name a few. Your mix will definitely grab the attention of the audience and most importantly, the judges!!

The Breakdown:

There are multiple ways to create a mix but we have broken it down to 4 easy to understand formats so you will know which tier of music you will need.

Standard Cheer Mix

1. Our Standard Cheer Mix packages are the “traditional cheer mixes”. These mixes are intended for high school and youth teams as well as less competitive college and all-star teams. These mixes are made to the customer’s choreography and include sound effects and 5 or 8 voiceovers based on duration of the routine.

Elite Cheer Mix

2. The Elite Cheer Mix is a Competitive Custom Cheer mix that is intended for higher-level teams. The Elite mix features a dramatic production style with an emphasis on unique voiceovers. Elite mixes include between twelve and fifteen 8-counts of voiceovers from 2 to 4 vocalists. It would be best to provide a detailed 8-count sheets or a video when requesting an Elite cheer mix to ensure the music matches every count of your routine.

Ultimate Cheer Mix

3. The Ultimate Cheer Mix is an Exclusive Custome made Cheer mix. These mixes are for teams looking to distinguish themselves from their competitors. This mix includes 50% original content written & recorded by a variety of vocal artists both male and female. This mix inculdes rap, cheer voice, and a hook made exclusively for your team. These tools are some of the great eliments that are used in your Ultimate Cheer Mix. 

Original Cheer Mix

4. Our Original Cheer Mix is second to none and there's no other mix like it because it's made from the ground up, specifically for your team! These mixes are the only mixes you can use If you are competing in Champion’s League. Our Original Music can be made in the form of a cheer mix, or in a different style completely outside of cheerleading like symphonic big-beat tracks. Send us a video of your performance, and we will create your music that will have original music allong with a mixture of rap, giant breath taking sounds, custom vocals, and cinematics that would create that dramatic experiece that everyone yearns for! 

Demo Mixes

Try Out MixEuphoria Sounds
Standard Cheer MixEuphoria Sounds
Standard Cheer MixEuphoria Sounds

Dance Mixes 

30 Second Dance MixEuphoria Sounds
15 Second Dance MixEuphoria Sounds

 Cheer Mix Pricing 

Mix Type

Standard Cheer

Elite Cheer

Ulitimate Cheer

Original Cheer































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